Iconic BRM Piston Timepieces

BRM Piston Timepiece

The National Motor Museum Trust is offering enthusiasts a unique opportunity to support the ongoing restoration of its legendary chassis number one 1950 BRM V16 racing car, with the chance to own one of 14 limited edition timepieces constructed from its original pistons. The historic pistons and their connecting rods originate from the BRM’s supercharged V16 engine, … Read more

Cluster Bomb Drinks Cabinet

Cluster Bomb Drinks Cabinet

  This stunning yet imposing piece has been created from a 1970s missile fuselage. Standing more than eight feet tall and weighing 600 pounds, you need a large room for this item as well as a large bank balance to own the mirror-polished Cluster Bomb Drinks Cabinet. Behind the polished metal body are three glass … Read more

V8 Hotel for Petrolheads

V8 Hotel Germany

In the automotive region of Stuttgart in a former airport site is the exclusive V8 HOTEL. The former Boblingen Airport, which opened in 1915 was used as docking station for flights of the Graf Zeppelin in the late 1920s, and it was home to a squadron of ME-109 fighter aircraft during the Second World War.

Retro Volkswagen Fridge

Slovenian manufacturer of white goods Gorenje have teamed up with Volkswagen to create the Retro Special Edition VW fridge. Using very obvious styling cues from the original splitscreen van and available in either red or blue, this usually boring looking appliance is now something much more interesting and visually appealing. Beauty is not just skin … Read more