Car Pumpkins – Pumpkin my ride

Halloween is just around the corner so why not show your neighbours and trick or treaters that you are a through and through Petrolhead with these car pumpkins.

Get your carving tools out and be inspired by these car themed pumpkins.

car pumpkin

VW Campers are always a popular choice, carve your own splitty or bay car pumpkin. A T25 might be a bit too hard to make.

vw camper car pumpkin carving

A more spooky VW camper turned into a vampire bat.

vw camper pumpkin carving

Ok, that was the last VW – now the best of the rest.

A snake might make a scary halloween pumpkin, but this is my kind of Cobra.

Very cool looking Hot Rod car rod pumpkin car carving

Porsce 911 GT3 car pumpkin. Source –

Smart car pumpkin. Source –

The one we all dread.

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