Petrolhead Lockdown Ideas Part 3 – Car Magazines Old And New

If you have a phone, tablet or computer (you must have because you’re reading this) then you can read almost any motoring magazine available today from around the world for one monthly cost that’s cheaper than a couple issues of most glossy magazines.

I’m talking about Readly, which not only has a wealth of motoring magazines but its has more types of magazines and issues than most newsagents. Also back issues are available through the app too, all included in your subscription.

Almost every car magazine in the world is on Readly, so you can take a look at foreign car magazines you wouldn’t normally be able to see unless you went to that country. Again all included in that same monthly cost.

Also you can add up to five users to share your subscription, its like Netflix but for magazines, not just car magazines but almost every magazine imaginable.

I personally use it and love it. I used to have stacks of car magazines which I had to get rid of whenever I moved home. Now I can go to back issues whenever I want to. There’s no cap to how much read and you can cancel at anytime.

Try Readly free for one month by clicking on this link.

If you prefer ink over pixels and don’t fancy a thumbed through and possibly sneezed on supermarket magazine then you can order from Great Magazines. They can deliver a wide selection of magazines including popular motoring titles – from a single issue to a subscription.

Visit Great Magazines motoring section here – Get 10% off on orders over £25 at Great Magazines – 10OFFAPR

Most back issues and older car magazines can be found on eBay – visit eBay’s Transport magazine section here.

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