Petrolhead Lockdown Ideas Part 2 – Go Slot Car Racing

If you’re stuck at home with the kids this makes a good excuse to buy some Scalextric. Those of a certain age (like me) will be very familiar at how entertaining it can be racing electric cars around a plastic track trying not to fly off at the corners.

Not as popular as it once was, but still satisfying to take a win in your favourite car. Its also a great way to share your love of cars with your little ones.

Scalextric is the most popular type in the UK and probably a good place to start would be to buy one of their kits containing track, cars and controllers.

Amazon and eBay both sell and deliver Scalextric and slot car tracks, cars and more.

Many more manufactures with varying prices are available depending on far you wish to go with it.

Various add on models and scenery is available if you wish to build a scale model of your favourite track.

There are some amazing tracks, home built specials, scale models of real racing circuits and more.

You could even stage photos recreating famous racing and rallying events.

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