Petrolhead Lockdown Ideas Part 1 – Project Car

If you are fortunate to have a project car at your home, then now is a good time to get to work on it. I know blindingly obvious, but sometimes you need a bit of motivation or help to get going.

Go online and look at the finished car you want, Google is full of them and car groups on social media too. If you are going for a factory fresh look then take a look at press photos when the car was new, or for added nostalgia find photos showing the car in a dealership or motorshow. Modified or custom cars are very different but again going online will give you ideas. Just don’t spend all day looking on there.

Write a list of jobs to do, then work through them. A list will help you keep focused and motivated throughout the process. You will get a sense of achievement ticking off each one. Take photos of each stage to remind yourself of how far you have gone and to share with other petrolheads.

Give yourself a reasonable timescale to complete each task and try to keep to it. If you finish a task early start on the next, try and complete more than you think is possible and you may well do so. You will be surprised how much you can get done.

If lack of parts is a problem because your local dealership or motor factors is shut, don’t worry as you may still get what you want delivered to your door. Here’s a list of places that are still delivering and may help with your parts supply.


A good source of new and used parts including some rare new old stock parts.


Like eBay you can buy almost anything from Amazon, that includes car parts and accessories.

Euro Car Parts

No click and collect unless you are a key worker with proof, but home delivery if in stock at your local store and your postcode is in the delivery area. Free same day delivery for orders over £15.

Demon Tweeks

Website orders are still being taken and couriers are delivering next day.

Need tools instead, these might be able to help.

Machine Mart

Their shops remain open except on Sundays but we recommend delivery to reduce risk to yourself and their staff.

Tooled Up

They are still taking orders online but admit that there may be long delays due to staff shortages although they are working through the backlog as quickly as possible.

eBay (again)

New and used tools are plentiful on eBay including some specialist garage equipment and tools.

Amazon (again)

The king of online sales can also supply you with the tools you need to complete your project car.

I hope this helps you get your project finished for the next show season, or at least keeps you busy during this lock down. Hopefully this virus will do one soon and we can get back to normal. Keep safe.

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