Mustang Celebrates 55th Birthday

The Ford Mustang is celebrating 55 years of production. Officially available in Europe since 2015, the continent’s love affair goes right back to the birth of the iconic muscle car back in 1964.

Ford Mustang 55th Birthday

Since then, Ford’s Mustang has starred in countless movies and music videos, with a host of celebrity owners taking to the driver’s seat to help make it into not only an automotive icon, but a cultural icon too. And with fans around the world fuelling the passion, including the man with 5,000 Mustangs and the Mustang man, the celebrations look set to continue for years to come.

Ford Mustang 55th Birthday

Mustang facts

  • Mustang was the best-selling sports coupe in the world in 2018 – the fourth consecutive year
  • #Mustang is the most popular automotive model to be tagged on Instagram
  • The Mustang logo gallops to the left because a mustang is a wild horse, rather than a domesticated race horse that in the US that will always appear to be running to the right when viewed from the outside of the track
  • The Mustang is one of fewer than 10 nameplates to enjoy continuous production for more than 50 years

A special “Happy Birthday” treat
How would Mustang celebrate its own 55th birthday? With cake… or with something that has a bit more of a Mustang attitude? Listen very carefully and you might even hear that the exhausts are joining the party with a V8-inspired rendition of the classic “Happy Birthday” song.

LEGO Creator Mustang build
A 1967 Ford Mustang is the latest automotive model to be released in LEGO’s Creator series; boasting more than 1,400 pieces and coming with options to customise. With details including a rear axle that can be “jacked up” to a detailed engine bay beneath opening bonnet, the model is a great challenge for Mustang fans and LEGO enthusiasts alike.

The LEGO Mustang can be purchased from Amazon here –

Ford put it to the test, capturing the four-hour build in a special time-lapse video.

Global Cars & Coffee meet
At Ford locations in the UK and Germany on Wednesday April 17 – 55 years to the day that the Ford Mustang officially went on sale – Mustang owners came together for a celebratory meet. On the same day, Ford locations in Canada, China, Lebanon, Mexico, UAE and USA also hosted Mustang owners and their vehicles.

Ford Mustang 55th Birthday

In Dunton, UK, 66 enthusiasts brought their Mustangs along and joined four brand new models and classics from Ford’s own heritage collection. A selection then parked up to reveal a “55” formation from the air.

Ford Mustang 55th Birthday

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