IXOOST Racing Sound Systems

As a petrolhead I love the sound of a growling American V8 or the howl of an Italian supercar. Car manufacturers spend a lot of time and money perfecting the right exhaust note for their car. As Enzo ferrari said “The sound of a 12 cylinder engine should be listened to as if it were a symphony”


Italian company iXOOST have embraced this by converting exhausts from Formula One cars and super-cars into the ultimate sound systems for your home. Built in Modena – famous for the construction of some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic cars – these sound systems connect to your music via an in-built iPod dock, Bluetooth, or using a lightning cable. Like the supercars from Modena these not only sound amazing but are available in various custom finishes for the client.

For more information see – https://www.ixoost.it/eng/index.php