Car Furniture by TinMan

People have been making car furniture for years, changing the original function of the part to something else. V8 engine blocks have provided a good base for car furniture as coffee tables, but to stand out now requires much more.

TinMan Gallery in Israel have gone much further and created some beautiful pieces from various car parts. Founded in 2011 by Ronen Wasserman aka TinMan, after he left his job as a senior engineer in high-tech company. He followed his dreams and passion and established the studio near Tel-Aviv where he started to play with car parts and created functional art and car furniture.

Car furniture Vespa Couch

Parts of a Vespa Scooter have been used to make this beautiful chair.


Car furniture Volvo bathroom unit


As boxy as the car its made from is this Volvo bathroom unit, currently for sale on etsy, click here to see –

Car furniture Lexus dressing table

I have never seen anyone else use door panels for car furniture, this Lexus Dressing table is also currently for sale on etsy –

Car furniture VW Beetle dressing table

More car doors used for car furniture, this dressing table is made from classic VW Beetle parts and is available on etsy –

Car furniture VW Beetle mirror

Why not add a classic VW Beetle mirror to your room along with the dressing table. Available on etsy –

Car furniture BMW storage unit

The ultimate storage machine? This BMW metal has been repurposed into this storage box.


Car furniture Lexus bench

Luxury car to luxury bench, this Lexus boot lid has been flipped upside down and turned into a stylish bench.


Car furniture VW Beetle console

Music console made from a classic VW Beetle dashboard. Available on etsy –


Car furniture Lexus sofa

The high quality leather seats from a Lexus donor have been used to make this car furniture sofa.

For more information see TinMan website –

To buy TinMan car furniture see their etsy shop –

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