Car Christmas Jumpers 2020

Time to spread some automotive festive cheer with these car Christmas jumpers. Like the cars we love, there are many different types and styles of car xmas jumpers available. Hot Rods feature more this year, which is fine by me.

Merry Driftmas – S13 Christmas T-Shirt

How about taking an S13 sideways through the snow as this festive t-shirt depicts complete with Christmas tree strapped to the back of it.

Hot Rod Car Christmas Jumper

Santa loves a Hot Rod, don’t believe me then go ask him. His favourite hot rods have flames and a hemi.

Santa’s Pit Crew Christmas Sweatshirt

Santa has given the reindeer (they’re still on furlough) time off so he could bring out his Nascar and pit crew.

Drifting Through The Snow Ugly Christmas Sweater

Another take on ‘Drifting through the snow’ and yes I know most of these are not Christmas jumpers but instead sweatshirts or t-shirts.

Koolart Cartoon Cars Deck The Halls Car Christmas T-Shirt

A festive t-shirt showing the Koolart cartoon cars.

Drag Racing Car Christmas Sweatshirt

Show your love of top fuelled dragsters with this Drag racer car Christmas jumper, ok sweatshirt.

Koolart Santa Hat Classic Mini Car Christmas Sweatshirt

This lovely car Christmas sweatshirt with artwork by Koolart depicts a Classic Mini S Works Rally car with a Santa Hat, how festive!

Santa Claus Hot Rod Car Christmas Jumper

Told you Santa loves a Hot Rod. Here’s Santas sleigh updated with a fire breathing V8.

Hot Rod Car Christmas T-shirt

Another hot rod car Christmas jumper design on a t-shirt, but this is also available as a hoodie and sweatshirt too.

Military Tank Christmas Jumper T-shirt

Not a car but too much fun to miss. Ideal for military people both serving and retired.

All I Want for Christmas is A Good Car Chase Sweatshirt

Featured in our 2017 Car Christmas Jumper feature and still one of our favourites. A car chase featuring 70’s muscle cars is not festive, but post Christmas dinner watching a movie is, and Bullitt would make great film to veg out to.

All I want for christmas is a good car chase jumper

Porsche 911 Santa Hat Car Christmas Jumper T-shirt

A more simplistic design for this car Christmas jumper t-shirt, just a 911 with a Santa hat – sometimes less is more.

Porsche Car Christmas Jumper
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