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In the realm of automotive legends, few names carry as much weight and evoke as much passion as Lamborghini Countach. This iconic supercar took the world by storm when it was first unveiled at the 1971 Geneva Motor Show. Its striking design, futuristic features, and mind-blowing performance made it an instant sensation. Fast forward to 1982, and Lamborghini presented the world with the first LP500S/LP5000S Countach, featuring remarkable updates and enhancements. Today, we delve into the fascinating story of the “Lost” first 5L Countach and its journey through history.

The LP500S Countach made its debut on the Lamborghini stand at the prestigious 1982 Geneva Motor Show. This particular car holds great significance as it was one of the first five LP500S examples produced and featured rare early production features. Exhibited alongside other automotive marvels, it captured the attention of enthusiasts and collectors alike with its cutting-edge design and exhilarating performance.

The Lamborghini Countach’s journey began in 1971 when the prototype was first unveiled. Designed by Marcello Gandini for Bertone, it drew inspiration from previous futuristic concepts. Over the years, Lamborghini refined the Countach, incorporating special materials, mechanical updates, and improved practicality. The LP500S marked a major evolution with its enlarged 4.8-liter DOHC V-12 engine, producing an impressive 375 bhp. With acceleration of under 5.0 seconds and top speeds of up to 182 mph, it solidified the Countach’s status as an automotive icon.

The LP500S Countach we’re discussing today boasts an intriguing ownership history. After being sold new in Italy, it made its way to Germany before finding its home in the United States. In 1985, it was purchased by Carlos Cavazo, the lead guitarist of the renowned glam-metal group, Quiet Riot. Cavazo spotted the Countach for sale on Robertson Boulevard, a famous hub for entertainment celebrities during the 1980s. To comply with California’s emissions regulations, the original Weber carburetors were replaced with a BMW-type electronic fuel-injection system.

Following years of careful ownership and maintenance by Carlos Cavazo, the Countach accumulated 66,198 kilometers (41,100 miles) before being placed into long-term storage in 2000. It remained hidden from the public eye at Franco Barbuscia’s respected exotic-car shop, Franco’s European Sports Cars. In recent times, this significant Countach has resurfaced, revealing its true identity as the first LP500S/LP5000S and the Geneva salon car. A photo of the car at the 1982 Geneva Motor Show and an official Lamborghini press release from March 1982 have been discovered, further solidifying its historical importance.

The LP500S Countach retains its originality and completeness, showcasing the early and special features that distinguish it from later models. Notable details include the body number “72” stamped on the boot lid and engine covers, Campagnolo cast magnesium wheels, early “5S” badging, and LP400S-type fender flares. While the original Weber carbureted induction system is no longer present, a visual inspection by Lamborghini factory test driver Valentino Balboni confirmed the car’s pedigree and early features.

Lamborghini’s Countach remains an unrivaled symbol of automotive design and engineering prowess. Even after production ceased in 1990, it continues to captivate enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. This first-year LP500S Countach, with its low mileage and outstanding provenance, represents the epitome of an investment-grade supercar. For Lamborghini enthusiasts and those passionate about iconic automobiles, the opportunity to restore and own such a significant example is nothing short of a dream come true.

The story of the first LP500S/LP5000S Lamborghini Countach is a tale of automotive excellence, rarity, and enduring allure. From its groundbreaking debut at the Geneva Motor Show to its rediscovery as the “Lost” first 5L Countach, this car has etched its name in automotive history. With its exceptional provenance, rare early production features, and connection to a legendary rock musician, this LP500S Countach represents an unmatched opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to own a true automotive masterpiece.

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