Car Theme Furniture – Willys Jeep Desk

Petrolhead Mancave, Petrolhead Presents

I love this craze of upcycling, especially if old cars, or parts of them are given a new lease of life. Car theme furniture is in demand by both businesses and individuals for that cool factor. No mancave would be complete without something motoring related. Willy Jeeps are quite rare so I was surprised to find the front end of this one re purposed by Smithers of Stamford and listed for sale on Etsy.

Salvaged from an old 1940s jeep front end and upcycled using original recycled parts they have made this beautiful handmade office desk. Its a one off and I cannot see another one being made. As they say it weighs a ton but will last a lifetime.

It has two working headlights and two opening drawers made from wooden reclaimed teak. Sprayed in green and hand painted patina decals to add some American retro flavour from World War II.

See this listing on Etsy here